“Education is a key to success”, we have been listening this quote since our childhood but very few follow it.


Syeda Anfas Ali has made this a mission of her life by providing education to more than 1500 street childern. She is the founder of Ocean welfare organization, who work for the better future of street childern. Sadly its a reality that 80 percent of our population is illiterate. She is feeding the childern with education to bring better tomorrow for Pakistan.

Karachi-footpath-school-620x330.pngOcean welfare organization has very limited funds from which they arrange books, snacks and accessories for street childern. It is located under Bahria bridge opposite to Abdulla Shah Gazi mazaar. Syeda has proved that humanity still exist in this generation. She has changed the preception and created a new image for the world.


Its not always important that we need lot of money to do something good for our society, it is a great idea which change the perception. I believe that she is doing a remarkable job. Everyone should be part of this welfare to help and educate karachi.


Syeda started this after the Peshawar attack incident. As she feels that our upcoming generation deserve better future. She says that if these street children are not given education then tomorrow they will hold guns and become terrorist, to stop this we need to educate them. We should respect this thought and stop judging people. If we want better generation and prosperous nation then we should change our thinkng first.