Religion is the basic part of an individual’s identity. However, in Pakistan where the majority is Muslim, have forgotten the real essence of Islam. As years are passing by, the impact of western culture on the youth as well as on their parents is increasing. In fact, the culture in Pakistan is more westernised rather than abroad.

If you closely see within the society, one would notice that we as a nation and a Muslim society are rather confused. We want our children to speak English, study in a snobby school, be brilliant in academics, while at home we try to follow the latest fashion trends, whether they suit us or not. But after the age is gone, we realise that they have no knowledge of our deen.

As a Muslim, we have actually failed our children. Allah is the only being, who has control over everything. Instead of remembering Him and asking for your Child’s happiness and protection, we as a society are directing them away from Islam.

Ever seen young teenage girls wearing skin- showing clothes? I am sure you have. The surprise is that they are not bothered even when the men stare at them lustfully. The fake American accent and the dating trend at a very young age aren’t what our culture is.

Many of you would argue on this topic, saying that it is good to be liberal rather than being conservative. But being liberal does not mean to forget your culture, your deen, your Allah, who has given us more than we deserve.

If girls are not comfortable wearing a hijab, fine Islam is not in favour of force. But it’s necessary for a lady to cover herself in a way that she is not attracting the opposite gender. And it is for our own protection only.

Offering Namaz and remembering our Al-Mighty Allah is itself a blessing. It is a cure for all problems. Bringing our children and ourselves closer to our Deen is an antidote you are handing over to your offsprings. The antidote to all the problems in this world.

never fadeIt is a respect to all the people reading this post, please don’t spread negativity instead understand the reality and guide your family to a better living.

A positive initiative of our Pakistani media is the presence of Islamic guidance in the tv serials such as Sherezaat and others. Especially all the tv series emphasise on remembering Allah and asking forgiveness from Him. This initiative should be promoted by us as well and should spread peace and love in the society.