There are four major international Beauty contests, namely:

  1. Miss Earth
  2. Miss International
  3. Miss Universe
  4. Miss world

Now few of us might not be aware of the credentials on which contestants are judged and on what basis the winner is announced for these beauty pageants. Well, I have all the necessary information you need to know.

Miss EarthMiss

This is an environmental pageant promoting environmental awareness. It is an environmental cooking-themed contest and the winner turns out to be the spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Katherine Espin was the 2016 Miss Earth Winner.

Let’s see who becomes the winner for 2017.


Miss InterMiss (1)national

This a Tokyo-based international pageant and the motto for it is Love, Beauty and Peace.

Kylie Verzosa was crowned as Miss International 2016.




Miss UniverseMiss (2)

This pageant is a well-known beauty contest in every country. There is one candidate from among 190 countries. In 2012, transgenders were also allowed to compete in this contest.

The current Miss Universe is Iris Mittenaere  who represented France. The 2017 Miss Universe contest is awaited in November this year.


Miss World

The fourth major international pageant, Miss World is the oldest beauty contest, which was created in the United Kingdom.

Miss (3)The talented Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was crowned with this title back in 2000. And the current Miss World is Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico.

Let’s wait for the 2017 winner and the pageant’s progress.