mak_jops_0074Sudden increase in the prices of vegetables and fruits has frustrated the people of karachi.

Awaam Parashan”~ Aaam Adami kase khayee Aaam. 

People of karachi are really angry on the sudden rise in thr prices of vegetables and fruits. They are running a campaign “Boycott buying fruits and vegetables for three days”. Locals are appreciating and actively taking part in this campaign. Its high time to take action against this as our government is least bothered.


According to the sources the retailers are given fruits at really high cost therefore they are bound to sell at high price in market. Price list issued by Commissioner of Karachi has vast difference as compared to market prices. Analysis prove that the entire game is played by wholesalers, who deliberately sell at high rates to retailers. In the end the locals are affected.

Please have some mercy on people, who cannot afford to buy basic necessities in the Holy month of Ramadan. We should bring this issue in the limelight and talk about it socially. Youth of karachi use social media to bring good change in your nation. Lets see how much the campaign works. Hopefully it leads to a drastic change.