Fahad Mustafa Replies To Aamir Liaquat

Ramazan is a holy month in which all the tv channels on air their Special Ramazan transmission. Game of rating is on again, Amir liaquat is coming from BOL TV, while Fahad Mustafa is coming from ARY TV.


Last year Ary tv and Geo tv had a strong competition between Fahad Mustafa Show and Amir Liaquat Show. According to the sources Fahad Mustafa took the lead over him. The show got highest TRP among all.


Let’s see who take the lead this year. Amir liaquat has announced that he will be giving aeroplane as gift. “Hopefully this strategy works Amir bahi as people have to pay taxes. O wait a second! Where they will park thier gifted plane?👌👌”.  Fahad Mustafa also have to come up with something new to maintain the TRP this year.


I hope they maintain the integrity and respect of Holy Month Ramadan this time. Last year they were openly insulting each other. This is the month of blessing and forgiveness, not the month of disrespect. Please spread good message to people through this forum. This is really important as many people follow them as thier role model. Be kind, help and respect people. Give as much as u can to help the needy and poor.