The thought of customising your required product is something we all love. don’t we? Well, here are some interesting facts for whoever adores stuffed toys.

There is a retail company in America by the name of Build-a-bear workshop and guess what it offers. You could customise your stuffed animal according to however you want it to be. It has a step by step process for each toy consuming 15 minutes approximately.

The company offers a working environment for teenagers and appears to be the favourite place for kids and family. The step by step process indUntitled designulges the entire family with fun and excitement. It consists of 7 steps, namely:

  1. Choose me
  2. Hear me
  3. Stuff me/ Stitch me
  4. Fluff me
  5. Dress me
  6. Name me
  7. Take me home.

These steps are as exciting as their names. Not only customising
but actually they give you an experience of taking a new family member home. Kids are made to place hearts into their toys and asked to make a wish before placing the heart. And at the end of the process, they are given registered names for their new stuffed buddy along with a tracking card, so that your stuffed friend can never get lost.

This exciting company not only caters the USA but has approximately 400 operational stores worldwide.

Isn’t it like a dream come true for all those who are young at heart? If yes then do follow us for more interesting facts.