“Time to change your style, get a new wardrobe with these latest trendy designs”

Everyone want to look stylish and trendy. Girls always have complain of not having clothes to wear. They always want to look trendy. Now you can become trendy, style icon and fashionable by following these 2017 fashion trends.

1. Ghagrah Pants:

Now a days they are really in fashion. Every branded lawn is coming up with Ghagrah pants. Famous brands like Elan, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Zara Shajhan, Rang RAsiya and Sana Safina are all making Ghagrah pants part of  thier new collections. It look very classy with short knee lenght shirts.

2. Bell Bottoms:

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Bell Bottoms are new highlight of  Pakistani fashion. It gives a look of 70’s. Girls can wear it on Eid to look different and elegant. They look good with knee lenght short shirts or short frowks. You can better carry it with high heels.

3. Bell Shaped Sleeves:


Bell shaped sleeves are also part of new fashion trend. They compliment with bell bottoms. Designers have use tassels to make it look more fashionable.

4. Belly Short Frowks:


They are really common now a days. Famous designers are making this part of both casual and formal wear. They look great with bell bottoms or straight pants.

5. Tassels:

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Tassels are new trend of 2017. Every lawn collection has it as a compulsory element im their catlogs. They can be used as buttons, lace or jewelry.

Be trendy this year by adding these to your fashion style.