Saba Qamar brings new glory to Pakistani success with her remarkable performance in ” Hindi Medium”. 1376331-saba-1491481852 Saba Qamar has done incredible work in her new hindi movie. Not only she won the hearts of Indians but also built a new image of Pakistani actress.

She has brilliantly chosen a strong content movie to start her debue in Bollywood industry. This issue was never raised before related to the language barrier in our society. As shown in the movie that people who cant speak english are created as unprofessional, uneducated and inferior. We give more respect to people who can speak english. In our society or we can say our upcoming generation thinks speaking English is being cool or trendy. I truly believe that English is really important as its international language but we should promote our own national language URDU in our country.

22471-Hindi Medium (2017).jpgHer movie is loved by Pakistanis because of the new concept and strong dialogue delivery. Many can relate this story to thier real life. This movie show a burtal but real image of schools. Priavte schools should learn something from this while our government should also promote the importance of national or provincial languages. I wish that Pakistani cinema bring such stories deplicting the real life issues.